Translation of power (letter) of attorney

Опубліковано: 16.05.2014

To the competent Court of the —- Republic

Power of Attorney

for various legal proceedings

Ukraine, —

— —-


— City Court, —- region, acting in compliance with the terms of agreement between Ukraine and the —– Republic about legal assistance in civil cases of —-, asks the competent court of the —- Republic for various legal proceedings to interrogate the respondent, —-.

The legal proceedings are required in connection with the civil suit brought by —-against —- with regard to requesting alimony for her underage child.

—- is residing in the — Republic at




While questioning, it is necessary to find out the answers to the following questions:

  1. Does the Respondent recognize the claim for payment of alimony to maintain the child?
  2. Does he have objections? If yes, what are they?


We kindly ask you to send us the report and other documents made up in light of the present Power of Attorney. In the event that this Power of Attorney is impossible to carry out, please inform us about circumstances obstructing it.


Chief Justice

Of —- City Court —-

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