Translation of request of alimony for an underage child

Опубліковано: 16.05.2014

Place of residence: —–


about request of alimony for an underage child

I was in lawful matrimony with the respondent since —. De facto we have not lived together since 1998.

On —- —– City Court dissolved our marriage (the Respondent did not come to the sittings of the court). On —- —- changed his surname for —– (the information about the fact of respondent changing his surname was given by the official of the Civil Registry Office while I was receiving the child’s Birth Certificate for the second time on —-).

From the marriage we have a son, —-, born on —-. — does not provide any moneyed assistance to maintain the son (for six years he has provided the monetary support only three times with insignificant sums).

Before the marriage was dissolved the respondent resided in the city of ——.

In —- a letter sent from —- was received from the Respondent (the copies of the letter and of the envelope are enclosed). The address on the envelope reads as follows:



Following Articles 80 and 82 of the Code on Family and Marriage of Ukraine and Article 4 of the Civil and Procedural Code I solicit:

  1. For levy from —– the alimony for the underage son —–, born on —-.


  1. Copy of the Certificate about Divorce.
  2. Copy of the Birth Certificate of the child.
  3. Copies of the letter and envelope.

Incoming Number —–


—– Signature

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