Translation of letter of explanation to embassy

Опубліковано: 16.05.2014

Embassy of the United States of America

Consular department




Dear Sir or Madam,

I, —-, in November —- changed my name from — into —-. In the present letter I want to explain the reason I did that.

In the period from —- till — I was in the USA. There after a church service I got acquainted with — in the church hall. Soon this developed into purely friendly relationships. —- knew only my name and that I was from Ukraine. When I was about to return to my motherland we exchanged our phone numbers but made no pictures as we did not know each other well. I have pictures with —- in Ukraine when he came to visit me.

During my stay in the USA I was still married and my last name was —. I was faithful to my husband and had no intention of having close relationships with anyone. However, when I returned back to Ukraine I felt big changes in my husband’s attitude towards me. I could not stay his offences and humiliation anymore. So, I decided to divorce but it happened so that the case was postponed for an undefined period. The life was unbearable and I, not waiting until court decision, changed my name from —- into —-.

—- is a completely different person. He respects me as a woman. We love each other. I finally felt myself as a woman and that somebody needs me.

I had no intention to conceal my past. I did not know that the change of the name may have influence on my departure to the USA to my husband.

Please, understand my situation. I will be grateful to You in advance for all your efforts, which You will make in this case.

Kind regards,




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