Letter of motivation 2

Опубліковано: 15.05.2014

Today Ukraine is aiming at the European way of life and establishing democratic westernized principle. I being a patriot support the course of my country. Poland is a close neighbor of Ukraine as in history, language, culture so and in international policy. Poland has already overcome difficulties and entered the European “family”. That is why the aim of my application for participation in the summer in Vyschegrad school in 2007 is to gain experience from the primary source, to familiarize with the cultural heritage of Poland, to improve my knowledge of the Polish language and share my knowledge with the representatives of the foreign countries.

I am aiming at a quick development of my country, and therefore I want to research the ways of your country and to use my experience to the society’s good.

I hope that the mentioned above and enumerated criteria will convince you that I am longing to study and improve myself to the society’s good.

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