Translation of certificate about place of work

Опубліковано: 16.05.2014



Open joint-stock company “Ukrtelekom”

Rivne department



Tel.: —

Fax: —



# —- from


for # _______________




issued to certify that electro-mechanic of line structures of electrocommunications and subscriber’s unit of ASTLO (unidentified abbreviation) operating groups and issuing passports for the whole department of technical exploitation of lines structures and development #1 Department of telecommunication services #1 (town of —) of the — branch of the Open joint-stock company “Ukrtelekom” —- is really working from — (order from — #—-)

For the period from —- till —- —– was given a regular annual holiday which was not completely previously used (order from —- #—–). From — till — —–was given an holiday without keeping the salary (order from —- #—).

The salary comprises 1278,00 hryvnas (one thousand two hundred and seventy eight). Identification code # 2461403100.

During the period of staying abroad —- will keep her workplace.

This certificate is to be presented to the embassy of Italy.


Director Signature —–

Round seal of the open joint-stock company “Ukrtelekom”

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