Translation of Academic certificate

Академическая справка


Academic certificate # —-

Issued to —-

To certify that from September 1, 2003 till June 17, 2006 she studied in the National University Of “—-”


During the course of studying in the department of law she studied subjects and passed examinations and credits listed:


#Name of a subject according to the curriculumAcademic hoursCredit passedExamination passedCredit pointsTrimester
  1. 1.
Political science108 Excellent/9121
  1. 2.
Logic81Passed/61 11
  1. 3.
Physical training52Passed/78 01
  1. 4.
The Ukrainian language54Passed/91 11
  1. 5.
Theory of state and law85Passed/76 1,51
  1. 6.
Life safety54Passed/95 11
  1. 7.
Organization of students’ scientific work27Passed/91 0.51
  1. 8.
The history of state and law of foreign countries95Passed/76,5 1.751
  1. 9.
Juridical deontology54Passed/99 11
The English language102Passed/94.6 1.751
Theory of state and law85 Good/861.52
The Ukrainian language54 Excellent/9112
The history of state and law of foreign countries95 Excellent/911.752
The history of state and law of Ukraine81Passed/91 1.52
The Latin language108Passed/83 22
The English language102 Excellent/91 2
The history of “Ostroh academy”27Passed/92 0.52
Fundamentals of computer science40Passed/83.4 0.752
Course paper27 Excellent/910.52
The history of Ukraine108 Good/87.523
The history of state and law of Ukraine81 Excellent/911.53
Fundamentals of computer science41 Excellent/910.753
Fundamentals of Roman law81Passed/91 1.53
Physical training52Passed/83 03
Computer law systems27Passed/92 0.53
Human rights and their protection81Passed/93 1.53
Philosophy120 Excellent/93.123
Public law of foreign countries108 Excellent/9123
 Judicial and law machinery70 Excellent/981.34 
Fundamentals of economics theory150 Excellent/982.84 
Civil law94Passed/91 24 
The English language102Passed/91 1.754 
Physical training52Passed/95 04 
Constitutional law67Passed/100 1.254 
The English language102 Excellent/9125 
Course paper27 Excellent/930.55 
Constitutional law68 Excellent/911.255 
The history of political and law theories81 Excellent/911.55 
Civil law96 Excellent/9125 
Fundamentals of law statistics27Passed/93 0.55 
Musical art in the world culture81Passed/95 1.55 
Criminal law95Passed/98.6 25 
Administrative law and legal proceedings74Passed/94 1.55 
Administrative law and legal proceedings73 Excellent/9116 
Criminal law94 Excellent/99.31.256 
Ukrainian and world culture108Passed/92 26 
Fundamentals of legal practice54Passed/91 16 
Fundamentals of psychology and pedagogics54Passed/96 16 
Civil law94Passed/92 1.256 
Physical training52Passed/98 06 
Religion science54Passed/95 16 
Familiarization practice72 Excellent/910.56 
Civil law148 Excellent/992.757 
International civil law81 Good/81.81.57 
Administrative responsibility81Passed/94.1 1.57 
Criminal executive law54Passed/96 17 
Sociology54Passed/91 17 
The English language-245Passed/91 17 
Financial law54Passed/88.5 17 
Criminal law122Passed/87 2.57 
Labour law81Passed/91 1.57 
Course paper27 Excellent/910.58 
Criminal law121 Excellent/9528 
Labour law81 Good/87.51.58 
Social welfare law32 Good/820.58 
State building and local authorities81 Excellent/92.91.58 
Financial law54 Satisfactory/7018 
Civil legal proceedings95Passed/91 28 
Family law54Passed/80 18 
72.The English language-245Passed/92 18 
73.Criminal legal proceedings243Passed/88.3 4.58 
74.The English language-245Passed/91 0.59 


Certificate issued by The NationalUniversity Of “—-”

Pro-rector signature

Dean of the department signature

Candidate of science of law

Secretary of the department signature

Registration #


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Translation of Academic certificate

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